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Bio Zyme

Purpose Statement:

Bio Zyme converts dead root materials into minerals and sugars, releasing valuable nutrients into your plants. It can help digest dead roots and plant waste to create beneficial bacteria. Using Bio Zyme in combination with Root Swell can produce a larger, cleaner, healthier root system.

Directions for use:

If reusing grow medium, give a double dose the first week to accelerate the break down of old root matter.

Seeds/Clones for reservoir:

4ml per gallon

Vegetative Phase for Reservoir:

7ml per gallon

Flower phase for reservoir:

7ml per gallon, stop one week before final flush

4ml = 3/4tbs = 1/8oz
7ml = 1.5tbs = 1/4oz
1gallon = 3.8 liters
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Active Enzymes & Microbes

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Available Nitrogen 0.5%, Available Phosphorus 2%, Available Potassium 1%

Derived From: Monopotassium Phosphate, Proprietary Enzymes and Microbes

Absorbent Roots, Faster Growth

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