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Purpose Statement:

Purpose Statement:

Silicator delivers an absorbable form of silica directly to your plants. Absorbable silica is known to strengthen plant cell walls, and make plant tissue stronger. Stronger plant cell walls allow for optimal transport of water and nutrients.

Directions for use:

Silicator should be mixed first, before adding any other nutrients in a clean reservoir containing reverse osmosis or distilled water.


1ml per gallon

Vegetative phase for Reservoir:

1ml per gallon

Flower phase for Reservoir:

1ml per gallon, stop two weeks before final flush

-Silicator may be used in reservoir during the flowering phase until two weeks before the final flush.

1/2ml = 1/8tbs = 1/60oz = 0.5gr
1ml = 1/4tbs = 1/30oz = 1.0 gr
1gallon = 3.8Ltr = 3,875 gr
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