Mighty Boost


Purpose Statement:

Mighty Boost was developed for fast growing plants in an accelerated environment. Mighty Boost assists in developing optimal yields and improved taste while enhancing the fragrance and appearance of finished crops.

Directions for use:

- Use Mighty Boost from the flowering period through harvest to promote optimal plant carbohydrate and nutrients uptake

- Do not use with products containing hydrogen peroxide

- Apply Mighty Boost at the start of the flowering phase

- Mighty Boost can be applied by drip irrigation or foliar spray

Flower phase for reservoir:

7ml per gallon, safe to use until harvest

Flower Phase for foliar Spray:

10ml per gallon, use until flowers start to become visible

- Mighty Boost may be used as foliar spray during flowering phase until flowers become visible.

7ml = 1.5tbs = 1/4oz = 7gr
10ml = 2 tbs = 1/3oz = 10gr
1gallon = 3.8 liters = 3,875gr
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