Root Swell


Purpose Statement:

Root Swell is a powerful rooting supplement. A well developed root system or rhizoshere is essential for a vigorous and productive plant. Root Swell can also be used as a foliar spray to strengthen stressed, fast growing or re-potted plants.


4ml per gallon

Vegetative phase for Reservoir:

7ml per gallon

Flower phase for Reservoir:

7ml per gallon, stop one week before final flush

-Root Swell may be used in reservoir during the flowering phase until the final week of harvest.

Foliar Spray/Vegetative Phase:

10ml per gallon

Foliar Spray/Flower phase:

10ml per gallon

4ml = 3/4tbs = 1/8oz
7ml = 1.5tbs = 1/4oz
10ml = 2tbs = 1/3oz
1gallon = 3.8 liters
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