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Root Swell

Purpose Statement:

Root Swell is a powerful, 100% natural, algae based additive nutrient. It promotes root growth for fast growing plants that already have roots or root initials. Root Swell stimulates root development and strengthens the plant by promoting a healthy rhizosphere. It can also be used as a foliar spray to strengthen stressed, fast growing and repotted plants. Using Root Swell in combination with Bio Zyme will produce a larger, cleaner, healthier root system.

Seeds/Clones for Reservoir:

4ml per gallon

Vegetative phase for Reservoir:

7ml per gallon

Flower phase for Reservoir:

7ml per gallon, stop one week before final flush

Foliar Spray/Vegetative Phase:

10ml per gallon

Foliar Spray/Flower phase:

10ml per gallon, use until flowers start to become visible

7ml = 1.5tbs 1/4 oz.
10ml = 2 tbs 1/3 oz.
1 Gallon 3.8 liters
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